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Alu-Teck is in steady contact with potential investors. For them we search for suitable roofs and free landside areas for the installation of photovoltaic conversion systems.

Landlords and Lessors of roofs and free areas we show the profitable advantages. We plan and advice objective and founded. Our distribution network helps us with this.


                         So the leasing of roofs works with Alu-Teck 


Because of our many years of experience and exact knowledge of the market we are able to offer you a simplified and unbureaucratic process of letting roofs.              


                                     What kind of areas are letable?

It is possible to let private, commercial and public areas                                                                                     Flat roofs                                                                                                                                                        Steep roofs                                                                                                                                                         Public building roofs                                                                                                                                        Facades and sound protection walls                                                                                                                    Free landside areas      


                                  What do you get of that?

You get Additional financial income of your real estates. All kinds of technical, contractual performance of installation, putting into service, the ongoing production process, maintenance and later deinstallation of the system, are laid in the hands of the investors are contractual assured. 

Contribution for CO2 emission reducing                                                                                                              No pollution of air or water                                                                                                                            Payment of rent every year, 20 years long                                                                                                           One time payment with subtracted interests                                                                                                         No kinds of risk for the lessors


                     What kind of conditions must be fulfilled?

To be able to let the roof of a real estate, some technical conditions must be fulfilled. 

The roof is not to be redeveloped in the next time                                                                                               No shadowing of the roofs                                                                                                                             Direction of the roofs to south, south-east and south-west                                                                              Positive stability examination                                                                                                                                First rank easement in the land register                                                                                                       Permission for feeding in of produced electricity of the electricity supplier



Example for Installation

on roof flat roof system





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