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Alu-Teck is competent to establish proof of suitable roofs and free landscape areas for operating investors and their investment. At the same time is one of our tasks to win interested real estate owners for let their roofs or free landscape areas. We join with our advice at place full collection of information, which guarantees the investor fast and secure a well founded overview over it.


                                Investments have to be secure

The advantages of photovoltaic conversion systems are diverse. On one hand sunlight is inexhaustible. On the other hand reduces the generation of energy by renewable resources the output of CO2 in a very high level. Another important thing is the German EEG(Energy feed in law) on that basis there are technical developments which reduces the roof weights and let some real estates come back to installation possibility and therefore in possibility of investment.

Please ask us, we know the roofs, you as an investor known the economic and taxable possibilities.


                         Business roof self economically used

Sun energy doesn’t smell, makes no noise, spends nearly no new areas and radioactive atomic waste, mustn’t be saved in end stocks thousands of years. What thin is “radioactive” is the sun, our environment and your return of investment as an investor who uses his own photovoltaic conversion systems on roofs or free landscape areas. 

Earnings by the EEG are guaranteed over 20 years. The producers of the photovoltaic conversion systems give a guarantee of 25 years, because the performance of these systems isn’t at the end after 20 years. Produce your own electricity many years more and make yourself independent of incalculable price fluctuations. In addition to that is such a system a effective contribution for supporting a positive image. 

In combination with special insurances for the production process and maintenance of such a system and some tax organisation your are with your invest on the secure side.


                  Quality, experience and reliability is a must

Through long years of experience and good working together we can present you the largest companies of the world and producers of the photovoltaic branch as our partners and can show you also some references. 

Alu-Teck offers you a perfectly co-ordinated system for your real estate and individual and competent consultants at your location. Participate through Alu-Teck, use our know-how and that of our partners.










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