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                                    Over 20 years of Alu-Teck

Alu-Teck started as a metal manufacturing plant in 1989 and has specialized itself in planning, designing and building of winter gardens and extensions of houses. 

In the course of this topics around the winter garden, nature, light and sun the inclusion of sun energy was a logical step of development. Already in 2002 Alu-Teck is experimenting with the first photovoltaic conversion system at the head quarter in Korbach. 

Today it is one of the core tasks of Alu-Teck to design these systems and to win owners or lessors of roofs, free landscape areas, or facades for financially strong investors to environmentally friendly generation of energy.






Alu-Teck is working as a company ran by the owner, works together with-known investors and companies of the photovoltaic branch and delivers photovoltaic solutions for private and commercial investors. 

As lead manager we have the know-how, from the planning to handing over or opening. 

Our network of deliverers and partners for stabilizing systems and assembly, grown for many years, guarantees perfect solutions.

-         individual, flexible solutions                                                                                                                      -         trouble free working together in a team                                                                                                    -         everything out of one hand as lead manager                                                                                             -         guarantee for all parts of the building of the photovoltaic systems





Example for Installation

Solar frame on a flat roof





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